A Private Home Studio in St. Albert, Alberta
with Passionate Educators and Excited Learners



At Upbeat Music, we are committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun.

We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries,

and create a solid foundation of music-learning.

Every student receives an educational program built just for their needs.

We invite you to learn more about Upbeat Music and discover a music education built for you!

We offer private piano lessons for students aged 4 and up.

**NEW** for Fall 2019:  Now offering ukulele lessons with Katie!


We are committed to going above and beyond what the average studio offers to you. In addition to our top-quality music instruction, we love to find ways to make music-learning a wider experience as well.  We encourage our students to perform at local seniors' homes, we have done charitable collections, and we try to make music education connect to all other areas of their lives. Additionally, our students all receive photo and video recordings and other keepsakes that preserve their music-learning memories for years to come. We celebrate all of our students in many different ways all year!

Upbeat Music

is the private home music studio of

Tracey Demuynck, B. Ed. & Katie Demuynck